Our founder, Ray M. Bain, held some very strong beliefs—beliefs we hold true today. First United Bank’s foundation of The Ultimate Customer Experience is built on the cornerstones of INTEGRITY, COMMUNITY, GENEROSITY and LOYALTY. Roots run deep in West Texas for First United Bank. In fact, all our roots are right here.

founding principles
Ray Bain - Founding Principles Ray M. Bain


We Do the Right Thing. Period. As trusted partners, we serve our customers with honesty and integrity, focusing on their needs and goals to ensure we provide them with the best financial solutions. We don’t believe one size fits all or that doing the right thing by our customers is necessarily easy. Here, you can always find good people serving other good people. Because when all is said and done, wouldn’t you rather do business with people who will always do what’s right?


We Believe in Hard Work. It’s not easy doing the best job you can every day for more than a hundred years. It takes strength, passion and perseverance. We’re proud to be a bank that is a billion dollars strong and even more proud that that we did it on our own—through good times and bad. We understand our customers work hard for their money because we understand our customers. In hard times, we’ll keep their hard-earned money safe.



We Help Our Neighbors. West Texas was built on a spirit of cooperation and friendship. There’s an unspoken sense of pride and respect that’s at the core of those from around here—a history of people rolling up their sleeves and helping out a neighbor in need, even when it isn’t convenient or easy. We’ll contribute time and money to causes that align with our values and will help to sustain and build those communities we serve.


We Nurture Our Employees. Being a part of the First United Bank family means our employees are treated with the same dignity and respect as our customers. We empower our employees, at all levels, to treat each other and our customers the right way in every situation. By encouraging our people to be part of something important, we’re building our own sense of community.



We Do More Than We Need To. The spirit of giving started with our founder, Ray M. Bain, and is part of the First United Bank culture. We do more and give more than profit requires because we’re only as strong as the people and communities we serve. We all are rewarded when our customers and employees are given the chance to thrive.



We Stay True to Our Roots. First United Bank started in rural farming and ranching communities, growing our business right alongside our customers in the fields. That’s how we’ve become one of the largest agricultural lenders in Texas. We embrace the people and businesses of West Texas and will continue to fulfill the financial needs unique to this region. We’re still locally-owned and we’ll stick to those traditions and values that got us where we are today.


We Value Customers Over Currency. We’re a bank that’s about people, not products. At First United Bank, we show our customers we believe in long-term relationships by delivering the ultimate experience—both how and where they bank with us. We’ve invested in our Banking Centers, creating welcoming and comfortable environments where people want to visit; it feels more like home than a bank. The ultimate customer service experience means we’re focused on the best solutions for our customers and not just the easiest fix or latest piece of technology. It also means treating our customers with respect and dignity.