While First United Bank values the relationship with all of our vendors (who we consider our partners), we especially would like to recognize the contributions of the following Partners who have been so instrumental in the development of the FUB Brand. We hope you will learn more about these folks and support them as well.


Laura Lewis

Laura Lewis is a talented landscape artist from Lubbock, Texas who paints the High Plains of Texas. Laura recently moved to Mason, Texas, but she continues to call Lubbock and West Texas her home. After retiring from a career in the medical field in 2001, Laura has been a full-time professional artist. Her paintings can be found in the Texas State Capital, several public art galleries and numerous corporate and private collections.

Most of Laura’s paintings portray the rugged beauty of West Texas and the High Plains. Her award winning work is proudly displayed throughout many of our Banking Centers. In 2014 as a result of the Bank’s rebranding campaign, all marketing and collateral materials were redesigned to highlight her work. Several pieces of her artwork is highlighted throughout this website.

Laura captures the beauty of West Texas like no one I have witnessed. Her landscapes and skyscapes are so inspiring and are a reminder to all West Texans why we love this part of the country. We are very grateful for our relationship and friendship with Laura and for her allowing us to showcase her paintings in our marketing and collateral materials. Laura’s paintings have become very much an integral component of the First United Bank brand.

R. Mark Bain, CEO

To learn more about Laura Lewis and to see an online gallery of her work, please visit her website at


Studio West

Studio West is an interior design firm in Lubbock, Texas. Studio West has an impressive resume of completed projects in the banking, healthcare, professional office, hospitality and retail industries. Studio West also has a home design division specializing in interior design, home plans and exterior concepts for all types of remodels, additions and new home construction.

First United Bank began working with Melissa and her team in 2000 and to date has consulted with Studio West on 17 major projects and a number of smaller projects.

Perhaps more than any other vendor, Melissa Grimes and Studio West have been responsible for assisting First United Bank with the development of our brand and in the refinement of our culture. Melissa has been instrumental in helping us to bring our story alive in the architecture, interior design and the furnishings in our Banking Centers. Our Banking Center lobbies are designed to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where our customers can feel at home, have a cup of coffee, surf the internet, gain access to free Wi-Fi on their own mobile devices and visit with our Personal Bankers about products and services which best fit their needs. After learning our culture, Studio West brought all design aspects together to help create an environment that enhances the overall customer experience. Since teaming with Studio West, First United Bank has experienced significant growth and our brand has become much more recognizable. The proof of their work is the response we get from our staff and our customers who love our new Banking Centers. The relationship First United Bank has with Melissa Grimes and her incredibly talented team at Studio West is invaluable and we are forever grateful for her contributions to our organization.

R. Mark Bain, CEO

To learn more about the Studio West family, or to view online images of their body of work, visit their website at


Doug Smith

Doug Smith is a true musical treasure of West Texas. Originally from Kermit, TX, he attended Texas Tech University and now makes Lubbock, TX his home. His piano recordings, musical recordings, musical contributions, and concert performances have made him one of the most inspirational contemporary artists on the Southwestern Plains of Texas.

Doug began recording music in 1981, releasing his first album in 1982. He released 9 additional albums from 1989-2007. He was featured in a PBS documentary released in 2003 entitled “There It Is” and also on Texas Country Reporter in 2004.

In July of 2007, he was critically injured in a car accident in which he was paralyzed from the waist down. His doctors termed him an “incomplete quadriplegic.” Doug’s indomitable inner strength, confidence in his abilities, and gratitude for his blessings has enabled him to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. After extensive rehabilitation, Smith released yet another album in 2011 entitled “If I Could Fly”.

I first met Doug in the fall of 1981 when we both enrolled at Texas Tech University and pledged the same fraternity. He is a dear friend and someone who has played an important role in my life. His life story is incredibly inspiring. My family was truly blessed when he shared his musical talents at the funeral of my father and First United Bank’s founder, Ray M. Bain. His has the unique ability to capture the hearts of not only West Texans, but really anyone who has ever had the pleasure of listening to his music. We are delighted to showcase Doug’s music in our radio and television commercials. Nobody embodies the Spirit of West Texas quite like Doug Smith.

R. Mark Bain, CEO

Click here to see the inspirational story of Doug Smith. His music is also available for purchase on


The Price Group

The Price Group is a full service advertising agency based in Lubbock, Texas. First United Bank started working with The Price Group in 2013 and although the relationship is relatively new, the synergies created under their direction have inspired the Bank to undertake a major rebranding campaign. TPG has helped First United Bank’s marketing to catapult to a new and exciting level.

Since teaming with The Price Group in 2013, our ability to tell our story has grown exponentially. They have been the driving force behind our rebranding campaign. They are very creative, and to a person have exhibited incredible work ethic to get the job done. They truly have a passion for what they do and exhibit a strong commitment to helping their clients achieve their goals. When you see our collateral materials, watch our television commercials, see our print ads or visit our Banking Center lobbies, you will see their work. We are very excited about our new partnership with The Price Group.

R. Mark Bain, CEO

To learn more about The Price Group or to see examples of their work, visit their website at