The Spirit of Generosity

In WEST TEXAS, the Spirit of Christmas means giving thanks and giving back.

The Spirit of Generosity Video

This past Christmas, we continued our favorite tradition here at First United Bank. A tradition that’s rooted in one of our Founding Principles, GENEROSITY. We promoted the Spirit of Generosity by giving back to the communities we serve. Our 237 employees were each given a discretionary budget and encouraged to choose unique ways to give back to their community. And, in the true Spirit of Generosity, no act of kindness was too big or too small to make a difference.

Here’s how we were able to share the Spirit of Generosity last Christmas season.

  • Help purchase new carpeting for the Dimmitt Senior Citizens home
  • Help with grocery expenses at several different grocery stores
  • Provide children in need with new clothes, coats and blankets
  • Deliver totes full of groceries to families in need
  • Buy breakfast for unsuspecting Sherriff’s Officers
  • Purchase bus tickets for people that otherwise wouldn’t get to see their family for Christmas
  • Donate toys to Toys 4 Tots
  • Give a $1,000 gift card to a family who lost everything in a fire
  • Provide breakfast for the staff of a local health center
  • Provide backpacks and sleeping bags to the homeless
  • Buy Christmas gifts for families living at a shelter
  • Serve and provide a meal for multiple refugee families
  • Donate socks and formula to the CareNet Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • Deliver donuts to police and fire departments
  • Pay for car repair costs, buy new tires and provide Christmas gifts for a family in need
  • Deliver groceries, Christmas gifts, household items and bus passes to a family who moved to Lubbock for their 8-year old sons’ cancer treatments
  • Give away gift cards to the staff of the Ted Phea Boys & Girls Club
  • Purchase Christmas gifts for a young family with a sick child that has recently suffered a house fire
  • Donate gifts to 13 women, four children, and a father and son at Faith City Mission
  • Donate a BigMack Communicator device to a young disabled girl named Molly
  • Donate $1,500 to a family for funeral expenses

"Many thanks to First United Bank for allowing us to bless those in need and honor a Christian husband, father and friend. Today, we all lived out the Spirit of Generosity!" Brice Foster, SVP/Mortgage Division Director 

"What a joy it is to give to other in need! The Spirit of Generosity had obvisously touched their hearts. And mine too." Kent Jackson, SVP/Loan Officer, Amarillo

"We all had such a great time giving back to our community. We are so lucky to work with an orginzation that gives back so generously." Lenzi Schmucker, Lending Assistant, Canyon Banking Center